I Started Painting


Thats right kids, on to a new journey yet again!

When I tell you, I am in no way, shape, or form a creative being when it comes to my “artistic abilities”, I one hundred percent mean it!

Something happened to me the day I watched Dakota die ( my brothers dog) and ever since then, I have been drawn into painting. An all of a sudden ache in my gut has been pestering me to pick up a paint brush, and just let my mind free itself onto a canvas. So, with much inspiration and light heartedness, thats what I have started to do. Paint, paint, paint!

A big inspiration that got me started was an old friend. Brianne Applegate ( please do yourself a favor and look up her work). Brianne has a beautiful story that makes her art work extremely unique, powerful, and valuable. I have to give her a big thanks for giving me the confidence to start. Painting is addicting for me because, I am someone who struggles with turning off my mind.

It becomes exhausting, but painting has allowed me to completely free my mind of any worry, sadness, anger, depression, anxiety etc.. You get the point. I just allow whatever flows out to flow out. So, here is some of my work so far! No remember, I didn’t say I was good. I said it’s fun, expressive, and extremely therapeutic. Enjoy =)